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Nicolette Cabinetry specializes in all forms of fine cabinetry. We customize pieces for all areas of the home including kitchens, baths, bars, media rooms, offices and libraries, closets, and fireplaces. Each piece is uniquely designed to fit both the physical space it occupies, as well as the functional needs of the client. View Images in the Cabinetry Gallery


Nicolette Design + Build renovates at the core of every project. At times, furnishings are the only elements central to interior design. However, many designs evolve without restriction of existing space. Our design and building teams collaborate to ensure that design intent becomes reality and that furnishings evolve from the renovation of the entire space. The whole picture is designed from composition of elements with the fewest number of restrictions. The difference is that design concepts lead our project management teams, rather than a building process confining what the design can be when finished.

Architectural Embellishments

The simplest explanation for embellishment is to build depth in space. Flat surfaces create monotone colors and linear use of space. Warmth and comfort is developed by using shapes to create depth in the three-dimensional spaces of floors, walls, and ceilings. Our difference is the utilization of creating depth through embellishing the flat surfaces in your home, and blending those changes seamlessly into your existing structure. In other words, they do not appear as add-ons. Our design team creates architectural improvements that coordinate with the space, and our building team implements those specifications with the utmost quality and care for design intent.

Our Northville showroom displays beautiful vignettes of the Grabill cabinetry line that we represent. Through Grabill we create beautiful furniture-quality cabinetry, including:

  • Full inset & full overlay cabinets
  • 90 finishes & precise color matching
  • Select timbers, exotic veneers & glass
  • Wood countertops

When you work with Nicolette Design + Build, the team includes an interior designer that specializes in fine cabinetry, elite woodworkers, and finish carpenters who together understand the design, production, and installation processes required for high-end cabinetry. Contact us to discuss your project. View Images in the Cabinetry Gallery

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